Limecraft Tuition

About Me

Hello my name is Trevor Austin, a master craftsman with nearly 50 years experience since beginning my apprenticeship in 1971 in the restoration of historic buildings.

I have loved helping to keep alive the history of this area by the techniques of brick, flintwork, rendering and simple pargetting and decided I would love to pass this on to others. So I took some training courses on how to teach others the skills I had learnt over my working life.

Now I would love to share the skills I have gained with you while you hopefully have some fun learning something new.

There are some examples of my work below and larger examples in the gallery.



Lynda was able to carry out simple pargetting of a squirrel and mouse in lime mortar and thoroughly enjoyed her time with us as did Bob her husband who laid bricks and was speedy with the flintwork.

Lynda & Bob

May 2016

Christine and Peter worked together raised a red brick pillar with adjoining flint work and brought their friends over to view their achievement

Christine & Peter

June 2016